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Nepal Trekking & the Great Himalaya Trail: A Ro...
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With extensive sections to help you choose your trekking region, this is a route and planning guide for anyone organising a trekking holiday in Nepal. It includes the most popular routes as well as the newest trekking areas plus the most extreme route of all, the Great Himalaya Trail. There are route guides to the following regions:· Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Rolwaling,· Solu-Khumbu (Everest Region),· Helambu & Langtang, Ganesh & Manaslu· Annapurna, Naar & Phu, Mustang· Dolpo, The Far WestThe guide covers:? Visas, permits, fees and equipment? Choosing a trek ? independent tea-house trekking or guided treks arranged through trekking agencies; choosing a guide and crew; when to go; trekking grades and duration? Kathmandu & Pokhara city guides ? hotels, restaurants, what to see? Nepal background ? people, religions, festivals and etiquette? Health, safety and responsible tourism? Colour mapping ? showing the main trekking routes in NepalThe Great Himalaya TrailRunning the entire 4500 km length of the Himalaya via Bhutan, Nepal and India,The Great Himalaya Trail is the world?s longest and highest walking route. The author is the first person to plot and describe the complete route; the 160-day Nepal section is included here. It winds through all of Nepal?s regions following main trekking routes linking these using local trails.

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